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Cathy Hanville, at Get Down to Business Consulting, provides private practice business and marketing consultation and coaching for psychotherapists. In today’s market, it isn’t enough to be a good psychotherapist — you need to be a business and marketing expert, too. Whether you are a new therapist first starting out or an experienced therapist that needs some help creating a marketing strategy for today’s economy, I will get your business moving and improve your bottom line. I specialize in helping people improve their online marketing message and build their private practice. I love helping people navigate the details of marketing and practice development.

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Is Your Counseling Practice Prepared for an Economic Downturn?

In a Facebook Therapist group, a person recently asked a question about how people had experienced their practice during past recessions. The answers varied as one would expect for a variety of therapists in a variety of places. As a person who practiced in the SF Bay Area during [...]


New CEU Requirement for CA licensees

The Governor just signed AB 1779 which requires that all licensees and people getting a license for therapy in CA get three hours of coursework in Providing Telehealth effective July 1, 2023. If you completed such a course in the past find the certificate and make sure it is [...]


4 Tips For SEO Optimization of Blog Posts

Since most therapists have what is called a static website (there are not often changes or new content added) we have to add fresh content in different ways. The blog post is one of those ways. Frequent blog posting can engage your potential clients and help your SEO. First, [...]


Build Your Private Practice Counseling Practice With Work-Life Balance

In the summer lull? Are you enjoying it by spending more time with family or doing fun things? Or are you worried because your August income dropped by 40%? Many of us have taken the changes created by COVID into our brains and are looking more and more at [...]

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