5 Podcasts to help you build your therapy practice


Podcasts are the newest addition for those building their practices. Well, new may be a bit of an exaggeration but it feels like right now every other day I see a new podcast by a therapist. I confess to not being much of a podcast person myself. I like to learn by reading. But podcasts are a great way to get information quickly and learn a lot. I created this list from recommendations made by therapists in a variety of Facebook groups including Selling the Couch.

This list focuses on practice building podcasts. In the future, I may add a list of practice related podcasts so feel free to comment and let me know your favorite podcasts for a future post.

  1. Selling the Couch. Melvin Varghese is up to episode 132 of his podcast and that one talks about returning to work after a maternity leave. I was featured in episode 105 on Search Engine Optimization Tips. He touches on a wide range of topics and interviews therapists in the field. Melvin is a great host and super genuine and also offers a Facebook group to more support.
  2. Private Practice Journeys Christopher Quarto interviews 4 different therapists monthly as they start their practices. He also throws in some experts in the field speaking on a variety of business building topics.
  3. Practice of the Practice Joe Sanok is a long time private practice coach. Some of his recent podcast topics include writing an e-book and building a private pay practice.
  4. The Private Practice Startup  Katie Lemieux and Dr. Kate Campbell are two MFT in Florida that have built successful 6 figure practices. Their recent podcast topics include secrets of a badass profile directory and things you need to know before signing your private practice lease.
  5. Abundant Practice Podcast Allison Puryear is a therapist that fought through her own struggles with money to work towards a successful private practice. Her recent topics include 5 reasons private practices fail and how to get consistent referrals.
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