5 Tips for Keyword Research

5 Tips for Keyword Research

What is keyword research? It is the technique for finding and researching the keywords that people use when searching for you type of business. Here I will give you 5 tips to help guide your research. 

1. First start with what words come up when people are thinking about your business?

For many of us it is counseling. However, there are many other words people might use. Anxiety, depressession, grief, parenting etc. Develop a list of the words that are related to your specialties.

Want to get some easy additional ideas? Go to google.com and type in your keywords. Below it you will see other suggested keywords that you can add to your list.

2. Designate your regular keywords, also known as head terms, versus your long-tailed keywords which are more descriptive and generally have three or more words in them. EMDR therapy for PTSD, for example, versus EMDR. When you are working on your website SEO you may be able to rank higher for your long-tailed keywords than you will for the head term EMDR.

3. Use tools to further research your keywords. Google has a free keyword planner you can use found here. The only catch is you do need to sign up for an Ad Words account, though you don’t need to actually run an ad. UberSuggest also has a free tool.

4. Rank your keywords by their level of importance to you. Your most important keywords will be used on on your home page and your other keywords can be used on other pages. Don’t forget to designate a page where your name is a keyword or to use you location as part of your keywords.

5. Use your keywords in your site, while still writing good content. If you are blogging it is also a great idea to write blog posts based on your long tailed keywords.

Check out my post on 5 tips to improve your SEO for more on where to place your keywords.

Below are a few more resources on keyword research.

Moz Has a great guide to keyword research.

Another resource from Hubspot

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