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August 2022

4 Tips For SEO Optimization of Blog Posts

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Since most therapists have what is called a static website (there are not often changes or new content added) we have to add fresh content in different ways. The blog post is one of those ways. Frequent blog posting can engage your potential clients and help your SEO. First, I must say, the most important, tip in content writing is ALWAYS writing content your reader will be interested in. If you write boring content, it does not matter how many people come to your pages because they won’t engage. 

Many of us are also trying to market in multiple locations, which is quite hard. I market in both PA and CA for my counseling services. I have intentionally optimized different pages for different states. However, that won’t necessarily be enough for many of my keywords. My Bay Area optimization has decreased since I moved and tried optimizing in PA. In order to get Google reminded about my Bay Area work, I recently wrote a blog post called Bay Area EMDR Intensives. My keywords were location (Bay Area, EMDR, and EMDR Intensives. Sometimes it can help us rank by working with less competitive keywords. EMDR Intensive is going to be less competitive than counseling will be. I may not rank for counseling but I am ranking for EMDR intensives. 

4 SEO Tips for Blog Posts

  1. Develop a strong headline. This headline should use one or more keywords. A title with a number in it gets clicked more often. 
  2. Google is suspected to be rewarding longer posts. Write a minimum of 300 words and strive for 1,000 words.
  3. Use headings to break up content. You can see how I did it in this post. There is a heading that says Writing Good Content for SEO Optimization and then a second one that is in a small heading font that says 4 SEO Tips for Blog Posts
  4. Have strong page titles and page descriptions. Do this on all pages and posts. You do this behind the scenes of your website. Below you can see a screen shot of a google search for EMDR intensives in PA. One of the counseling pages I targeted for those keywords did show up. I am indicating what the title is and what the description is.

Keeping fresh content on your website is an ongoing task. It is easy to forget and then a year goes by without posting. (2020 anyone?) However, it is important to keep up this work, and if you get off schedule, just start up again. 

Build Your Private Practice Counseling Practice With Work-Life Balance

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In the summer lull? Are you enjoying it by spending more time with family or doing fun things? Or are you worried because your August income dropped by 40%?

Many of us have taken the changes created by COVID into our brains and are looking more and more at our work and questioning if it’s part of a good work-life balance. I know I am not the only therapist that is seeing fewer clients and trying to create other income streams. For me I have developed an EMDR intensive program, I do this work, and I have become an EMDRIA EMDR consultant. My goal is to continue this and maybe even add some additional teaching work. Because teaching invigorates me. 

As many may know, I recently undertook a major life change. I moved back to the East Coast to PA. After almost 30 years in the Bay, it was time for a change. In PA, the cost of living is so much less that it means I can work even less. I can also spend more time doing the things I want like riding my bike and starting some volunteer work. For others, they want to create a schedule where they can meet their kids’ needs, live on the road for a bit, or even leave the country. With telehealth becoming common it gives many of us many more work and scheduling options. 

I want to help you figure it all out. How to have a good work-life balance. How to do the work that energizes you. How to make the income you need. Then I will help you get there.

Like most of you, I hate to toot my own horn, but people that take my classes and work with me love my super authentic and pragmatic nature. I have had my own counseling practice for over 20 years. I have seen a lot, and I am happy to share that knowledge with you. Email me to set up a free 15-minute consultation to see how I can help you set and reach your business goals for your counseling practice. 

I am offering a 15% discount for services purchased through Labor Day. Mention reading this blog post to get it. 






Making Video Content for Your Website-You Need a Video!

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Making Video Content for Your Website-You Need a Video!

Video content on your website is a great way of connecting to your potential clients. Over the years, I have done several videos for my counseling website. The first was made with an actual video camera. Subsequent ones have been made using my computer or iPhone. Today I just made a new video using my iPhone and using a tripod selfie stick with a remote. This means no awkward lean-in and lean-out to turn off the video.

Since we can make videos about ourselves now there is NO EXCUSE for not doing it! I know you will come up with some like I don’t want to see myself! I get that for sure. I hate watching videos of myself. As I recorded today’s video I must have done 10 takes. My shirt was the wrong color. My shirt had lint on it that showed up dramatically in the video. I said UM too much. But it is important to persevere. Clients need to make a connection with you and if you are not seeing people in person your website is how you are going to make that connection.

Once you create the video you may or may not want to edit it. I put my video into Imovie and was able to clip the end a bit. It took a second for me to turn off the video (even using that remote) and it seemed awkward so I just clipped the video two seconds.

When you are done you upload the video to YouTube. You should create a business account there for this purpose if you don’t have one already. You upload your video, put in a good title and description using your keywords, and publish it.

YouTube will give you a link that you can then post on social media or on your website to showcase your video. Look how I did it here.

Having videos on your website will both help engage potential new clients and help with your SEO. It is a win-win.

May 2022

Protecting Your Home Address Online

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Can You Keep Your Home Address off of the Internet?

The answer is somewhat but not totally.

With many therapists no longer having offices the question of what address to use is often asked. Many people use a mailbox place either virtual or in person. This can be a solution for the places that give you a street address. However, what I recently learned is that when you update your NPI address (remember that?) you cannot use a mailbox place. Their computer catches it when you type it in. I recently tried it myself. They caught it and then asked if I still wanted to use it. I indicated yes so I could see what happened. What happened was NPI called me and they didn’t hang up until I gave them a different address. Which had to be my home address. I own my home and I work primarily across the country from my clients so I knew my address would be out there on the internet anyway and I also know my clients are low risk as far as ever looking for me on the internet.

You may know that NPI information is public. Today i googled my name and address to see what came up. What came up was old office addresses. My PO street address also came up. A good result! I did find a site CareDash which is one of those sites that puts up a profile for you and then doesn’t let you remove it (unless you live in CA!). I set up an account and edited the address to the address I want to be showing for me. I also emailed them to see if they would delete the profile. I am waiting for a response.

I also found out that if I type in the name I use my NPI information did not come up. I used my legal name for my NPI and that information came up only if I googled my legal name. That was positive.

In order to make sure your info. This is time consuming but free. Most sites will remove it upon your request. Another option is a paid service. Here is an article that gives you some links for removal and has a link to a paid service.  The review for the paid service said it worked well but it is expensive. It does appear they are able to do a deeper dive.

There are some other options. If you are concerned about people seeing your home you can blur your home on Google Maps. Find instructions here. 

Here also are some instructions from Google to remove content. This includes if you have requested removal of information but it is still showing up in search results.

At the end of the day if you get mail or packages at your home you probably will not be able to remove it totally. You can certainly reduce how much it shows up by searching and removing listings.  For an office address the safest bet is to use an actual address for mailing purposes. Many places are now offering shared office space which include mail service and office space by the hour.

April 2022

Make sure your website is indexed by Google

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It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your website and how much you pay for Search Engine Optimization if Google has not found your website. To check type in “site:”followed by your website URL. So for my counseling website it was “site:”

Below is what showed up when I did that.

Cathy Hanville website indexedYou can see that that website has over 200 pages that are indexed which is great. Shows that posting those blogs has paid off.

If your website is not indexed then you need to go to Google Search Console to get it indexed. If you don’t have an account there I have a link at the end of this post on how to set up the account.

Once at Search Console you navigate to URL inspection which you will see on the left. Then at the top you type in the page you want to see is indexed or added to the index. If it is not indexed you will see a message (like shown below) where you can click the button to request indexing.

This is a simple thing to check and fix if it is not done.

Article on getting Google Search Console Account set up.

February 2022

The Importance of Developing Your Marketing Message

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I teach a Nuts and Bolts of Starting Your Private Practice Class. One of the aspects people struggle with the most is marketing their practices. Therapists seem to have an aversion to marketing. Which I get. Our product is related to us. Selling our product is in some ways selling ourselves. I can see why that can feel gross.

However, if you want a successful practice, especially a private pay-only practice, you need to market hard and consistently. That includes an excellent website and social media marketing. I talked to a colleague today who said she spent an hour a day marketing on Facebook. Groan at your own risk. This person has a very successful group practice that is all private pay that is almost always full.

There are a few aspects to this. One is developing your marketing message which, I will discuss today and a second is the ways to deliver it, which I will discuss in my next blog post. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list if you want to be notified when I publish that post. 

Why do you develop a marketing message?

To attract your ideal clients. You don’t want to just get clients you want to attract the clients you work with best. Pre-internet we developed our connection with clients in the first session. This engagement has to happen in about 30 seconds when a potential client finds your webpage. If you don’t connect with a potential client quickly on your website they will click to the next site. 

How do you connect with a client that quickly?

Let them know you get them and their pain. Show them you are safe and they can relate to you and you can relate to them. The best way of doing this is by having a video on your website. Again I hear the groans. How else is a client going to connect better than hearing you speak? You can have content and a picture (and you better have both!) but a video gives your potential clients the strongest way to make a connection with you. On my counseling website, I have a video I made with an i-phone showing me as I am. I am an authentic therapist and I believe this comes through in my video. You can also spend some money and get a more professional video. I get that it is hard. I myself struggle to watch myself in a video. But I have heard from clients that are referred to me that my video and website spoke to them. That is the connection you want to create with your potential clients. 

What is in your marketing message? 

The first thing is speaking to pain points. The client needs to believe you understand them. The second thing is expressing why you as their therapist versus the many other therapists out there? What gives you the expertise to help them? That should not be expressed in I was trained in psychodynamic therapy and practice DBT. That means nothing to most potential clients. They want to know you can listen and help them develop skills that will change their lives. The third piece is to showcase your personality. You must give the client a sense of who you are in the room (see the video statement above). Many people do not understand how therapy works. They can be intimidated by the process. You want to help them see you are a professional but, also a human being that can help them. The final piece is a brief call to action. For us, that is usually a statement that says call me today for a free 15-minute consultation. 

If you want to be notified when I post again please join my mailing list below. I promise I don’t send it out much! Or follow me on Facebook. 

Feel free to reach out anytime if you want to hear more about how I can help you with your marketing message.

December 2021

Can You Do a Google My Business Listing for an Online Business?

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Can You Do a Google My Business Listing for an Online Business?

Like many of us, I no longer have an office or see clients in person. I also moved to another state as a result I now have two states to market to.

I took a journey to figure things out. First, I set up a Cathy Hanville, LCSW PA page. I was asked the areas served and I put in some local areas because for online work I can see someone throughout PA. Google’s policy is that if you can enter a Service Area then you can have a listing without a specific address.

Google did require a NON-PO Box address to send me a verification code to enter.

However, I later realized I could edit my existing profile by clearing the address by going to Info on the left and then hitting clear this address on the bottom of the page as shown below.

I then edited the service areas. I put in areas for both PA and CA. As you can see, I put in both states and added a few more local areas.

As I have said before, having a Google My Business Listing is one of the best things you can do for your Search Optimization and your overall marketing plan.

November 2021

Nuts and Bolts Starting Your Private Counseling Practice-What You Wish You Learned in Grad School

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Starting Your Private Counseling Practice-What You Wish You Learned in Grad School

I have been teaching a workshop on starting your private practice since 2011. Not to toot my own horn but the feedback I have gotten on this workshop has been amazingly positive. People feel so overwhelmed by the idea of everything there is to do to start your private practice. They also recognize that they don’t know what they don’t know! They also feel nervous about asking the many questions that are arising. I have been able to provide a safe and interactive workshop where you can ask any questions. 

Originally I focused the workshop on CA therapists since that is where I was practicing. However, with the move to Zoom workshops and my move across the country I have revamped the workshop to be non-state specific. I have also revised the Ebook that I first wrote reviewing all of these concepts. 

In the last workshop, I ran one of the participants asked for a checklist of things to do to start your practice. I was amazed that I had not created that yet. It is so helpful!

And here it is for you to use. I want you to start and have a successful private practice. I hope you will also buy the book and take the Zoom course. 

But the most important thing is to take the time to be thoughtful in envisioning your practice and what you want it to be. Then just work through the list one item at a time (and they might not all be necessary for your practice).

Private practice is a great job. Building it is work but it will be so rewarding when you have your business. 

Feel free to email me if I missed anything on the checklist. Like everything it is a work in progress. 

Also I have a Facebook Group where you can get tips on starting your practice. Join Here!

July 2021

Zoom now offers Business Associate Agreements

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Zoom now offers Business Associate Agreements

Zoom now has individual telehealth options

Goodness this is now old news. I started this post and then forgot about it. Welcome to new times!

Anyway for those who are still looking for a good Telehealth Program Zoom now has a Healthcare plan for $14.99 here. 

You do have to reach out to the Sales people to get the Business Associate Agreement and when I did it a few months ago it took some time to get it.

That being said if you are not using an electronic health record for your tele-health then Zoom is going to be your best bet. Everyone knows Zoom now that would be willing to do online therapy.

Anyway if you have not moved off of a less secure platform like Skype or Facetime now is the time to do so. While there is a waiver in effect that allows us to use non-compliant platforms it is always best practice to use a HIPAA compliant platform.

November 2020

Connecting Your Website to Google Analytics

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It is imperative for a few reasons to connect your website to Google Analytics. It is important for both Search Engine Optimization purposes and for being able to analyze the effectiveness of your website. This information will allow you to assess how people found your website and what content they viewed.

I have created a short video to walk you through this process. If you do not have a Google Analytics account you will first start by creating that account.

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