Coaching Services for Therapists

Run a more efficient business

Therapists are not taught how to run a private practice in school. I have run my own successful private practice since 2001, including moving office locations. I am not a full time coach. My private practice is my full time job. I consult with therapists because I hit some bumps along the way that I want others to avoid. I work with you how you want to be worked with. One hour consult in person, 30 minute phone call, website review, or something else. Just let me know what you need.

I can help you find your niche, figure out who your ideal clients are, set up systems, or just hold your hand as you cope with the uncertainties of private practice. I won’t oversell you or pressure you EVER.

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I can work with you online and via email or phone. I also love to meet in person if that is a possibility. I now have two coaching packages to meet your needs. And if they don’t email me and we will develop a package that works best for you.

3-Month Plan

Month One

One hour consultation (online or in person)

Follow up accountability emails or phone call-15 minutes

Month Two-Three

Half hour consultation (online or in person)

Follow up accountability emails or phone call-15 minutes

This can be expanded to any month length you desire

It is a total of 2.75 hours and you can flex the time as you desire.

3-Month Package is Valued at $538-Costs $495

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6-Month Plan

6-Month Package is Valued at $974 and costs $925

Months 4-6 are the same as months 2-3

This is for a total of 5 hours. They can also be flexed as desired

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Follow up accountability emails or phone call-15 minutes

Feel free to email me with any questions.

A More Detailed List Of Things I Can Help You With Are Listed Below-If you need help with something and don’t see it below just email me and I will tell you if I can help.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website to show up higher in search results

Marketing Plan

Develop your marketing message

Establish a marketing plan

Improve your website

Set up your Social Media marketing

Office Procedures

Establish electronic health records system

Develop paperwork

Develop various tracking systems

Set up expense/cash flow monitoring systems

Develop office policies and procedures


Set up online billings systems for insurance companies

Set up tracking system for billing