Installing a SSL Certificate on my Bluehost website

Installing an SSL Certificate on my Bluehost website


So often when there is new technology I procrastinate moving along to the next step. One of the areas I have done that is with installing an SSL certificate on my websites. It just seemed too hard and maybe not necessary. In a group I am in one of the website guru masters has been insisting that SSL certificates are a must for SEO in 2017. Well, I cannot call myself an SEO guru if I myself do not keep up with such things so this past week I have moved forward with it. And you know what it was not too hard.

I have Bluehost as my hosting company so I am speaking particularly of them. Just to disclose I have an affiliate relationship with them and links to their site may be an affiliate link which means if you buy something I get a bit of money. No other links are affiliates in this blog post.

So doing this with Bluehost was both free and relatively painless. I went to the Control Panel and found this section. See Free there! So then it was just a few clicks to get it installed on my site. Once you finish that it can take a few hours for everything to go through the system. You will know it is done if you type in https:// before your URL and your site shows up. In the meantime, I downloaded the Real Simple SSL plugin. I added the Pro Version currently $25 for one site and $59 for up to 5 sites. I am not sure that I needed the Pro Version in hindsight but when reading the directions it said I need to look at the code and check on a few things and the Pro Version did that for me. None of it was a problem so I probably could have gotten away with the free version but the cost was reasonable enough and I hate worrying.

Once you activate the Real Simple Plugin on your site (follow these instructions for Pro) it automatically will find the certificate and make it all work together. You will then get a link telling you to go to your Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts to add the new domain name to your accounts. Those easy instructions are found here.

And then you are done and will have a secure site so that people typing in your URL won’t see messages saying your site is not secure.

My website guru master was correct and it is worth doing.