Invest in the Business of Private Practice

Invest in the Business of Private Practice

So a pet peeve of mine is seeing therapists looking to do something for free. I think being prudent with your finances is a significant part of building a successful business but at the same time our job is a business and must be treated as such.

Seeking free services to build a private practice shows you don’t have a business mindset. When you run a business you invest in your business. For therapists that can be getting training to build skills or it can be investing in a good Electronic Health Record System so that you keep great records both clinical and financial. Trying to build a practice without spending money is going to limit your ability to grow and it can send a poor message to potential clients.

I see the lack of investment most frequently with website development. Therapists resist spending the money to develop a strong website that showcases their skills and instead build a website that looks homemade. The message that sends to potential clients is a lack of professionalism.

An investment in your business is also an investment in your future. When you are starting out it can be hard to be spending money before you are making money but trust me making good decisions in the beginning will save you both money and grief in the long run.