It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your website and how much you pay for Search Engine Optimization if Google has not found your website. To check type in “site:”followed by your website URL. So for my counseling website it was “site:”

Below is what showed up when I did that.

Cathy Hanville website indexedYou can see that that website has over 200 pages that are indexed which is great. Shows that posting those blogs has paid off.

If your website is not indexed then you need to go to Google Search Console to get it indexed. If you don’t have an account there I have a link at the end of this post on how to set up the account.

Once at Search Console you navigate to URL inspection which you will see on the left. Then at the top you type in the page you want to see is indexed or added to the index. If it is not indexed you will see a message (like shown below) where you can click the button to request indexing.

This is a simple thing to check and fix if it is not done.

Article on getting Google Search Console Account set up.