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SEOMarketing and SEO Services For Therapists

As therapists we were not trained in marketing. Many therapists feel overwhelmed by the idea of marketing or dealing with all the different technologies and platforms available. I can help you develop your Internet Marketing Message and implement it. I will coach you through developing your message or review your website and give you a written report with actionable items for you to implement.

I include SEO suggestions in that report. I can help you make some easy but effective changes that can improve your Search Engine Optimization performance. I also offer an SEO course with extensive handouts. If we work together you will also get a complimentary copy of those slides.

Here is a short video I created talking about Keywords

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Learn about SEO

Listen to my interview with Melvin Varghese about using SEO to grow your private practice. Click the picture for the episode.

Using SEO To Grown Your Private Practice-Selling the Couch
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