Resources for Building Your Private Practice

I have found many excellent resources for building your private practice.


Full Affiliate disclosures: I only recommend companies/articles that I am currently using or have thoroughly researched. I do receive compensation if you click through the links and purchase on Amazon. There is no affiliate agreement with any of the other websites mentioned. My detailed Affiliate Statement is found here.


Twelve Months to Your Ideal Private Practice is a great book when you are just starting out. Lynn Grodzki has a few different books on private practice. I actually used Building Your Own Private Practice when I started my practice. However, she has some new books and books available in paperback now too.

Be A Wealthy Therapist is the most recommended book about money and private practice. I found it very helpful in examining my own attitudes about money and private practice.

Get Clients Now was recommended to me when I sought consultation when I moved my private practice. It is not specific to therapy practices.

Book Yourself Solid is another book that is not specific to therapists but I picked it up on the recommendation of therapist I know online.

Navigating the Insurance Maze is the go to book about working with insurance in private practice.

The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner I used this many times starting out as a guide to treatment planning. There is also a version for Adolescent Treatment Planning and Child Treatment Planning.


Person Centered Tech is an awesome resource for all things tech and HIPAA for your private practice.

US Small Business Administration has all sorts of resources about starting a small business. They include resources on making a business plan and on different types of private practices.

Dr. Keely Kolmes has many good articles about social media use and private practice

For some resources on your website and SEO go to my recent blog post on that topic.

CAMFT has many free resources including an article on Professional Corporations in California.

New ICD 10 Codes Crosswalk Can Be Found here.

2013 CPT Codes


If you are into podcasts Melvin Varghese’s Selling Your Couch Podcast is highly rated. In fact, I was interviewed in episode 102.

Using SEO To Grown Your Private Practice-Selling the Couch