I have been having some fun on Instagram lately. Follow me at @growyourcounselingpractice. And in the spirit of now focusing on working more on my Search Engine Optimization, I am using Instagram to provide tips on marketing and building your private counseling practice. Using social media is a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimization performance. Then by taking the videos and posting them here and adding additional content I am providing fresh content on my website. Though, I am not following the recommendation I am making to have at least 600 words of content on each page or post. One can only work so hard.

These videos explain SEO, discuss the importance of social media marketing, and talk about how much content needs to be on each page.

I also want to remind people of my SEO course. This course takes you through the basics of improving your SEO. Even if you are paying someone else to do this work for you, it is good to have an understanding of what helps search engine optimization. Many companies will take advantage of your ignorance. The course takes you through different aspects of Search Engine Optimization by giving it to you in bite-size portions. I also include some worksheets to help you through making changes. As always I am also available for consultations. 

You can check out my blog for other SEO tips.

There are a few different recommendations for how much content should be on each page to improve SEO. A minimum of 600 words is now recommended and 1000 words are also recommended. You may need to add content to your web pages. I get it. It can be hard to do. I am barely going to make the old guideline of 300 words for this post. I am hoping my use of videos helps give the page some juice.

Quick answer is yes. You need business social media account to promote your business. Both to improve Search Engine Optimization performance and to use as a marketing tool. I suggest finding one platform you are comfortable with and working that. Tik-Tok is super popular now. I had some privacy concerns about it so I have moved on to Instagram which has been effective for my needs.