I am doing my next Nuts and Bolts of Private Practice Class on September 22m 2023 from 9-12:30PST and 12-3:30pm EST. It will be recorded and accessible after the day of the workshop.

I have been doing this workshop since 2011. I was asked to present to some students at SFSU in the social work program. These students were thrilled with the presentation and hungry for more information so I developed this workshop. It has evolved over the years to include new issues and requirements such as the Right to an Estimate Paperwork and a more extensive presentation on telehealth. If I know what state you are in I will include that states requirements in the presentation. However most of the issues are those that we all face. Logistical issues like getting your NPI and EIN. Creating your paperwork. Picking an electronic health record system.

I have been in practice for more than 20 years and have a lot of experience and wisdom on having a successful practice. Including having worked through two recessions. I have been on insurance panels and now I am not and can offer you some ideas and thoughts on that.

Feel free to email me with questions. To register click here.