Why You MUST Define Your Marketing Message

Why You Must Define Your Marketing Message

I work with therapists to both start and develop their private practices. The biggest obstacle I find working with them is the resistance to developing an effective marketing message. What is an effective marketing message you ask? It is one that first allows you to target your SEO efforts to get potential clients to your website. Secondly once they have found your website the message connects them to you so that they contact you.

I have had two experiences in the last weeks where I had contact with a therapists that either talked to me about their practice or I looked at their site. In both cases there had absolutely no message there. Sure there were words but they were not words that would engage an ideal client. With one person I tried to help them understand that telling me that they had a psychodynamic approach was not going to help me make referrals to them. I then specifically asked them what clients I should refer. The response was essentially everyone. This doesn’t endear me to make referrals for a few reasons. The first is no one is good with all clients. I want to refer to you the clients you will excel with. None of us does that with all clients. Secondly it sends a signal to me that you are desperate for clients. That of course makes me lose confidence in your ability to work with my referral.

We are all very busy. Both potential clients and other referral sources need to know in just a few words why you are their best fit. You do that with referral sources by explicitly defining your niche. For potential clients you connect with them via your website. Your website content should show them you see their pain and that you have the experience to address their specific needs.

I would encourage you as you are developing your own marketing message to look at profiles and websites and ask yourself would an anxious client want to call this therapist? Would a depressed client? Etc. Get a feel for what might connect and engage clients so that you can do that for your own practice.


Of course I am always available to consult with you to help you develop your marketing message.