Working with Transgender and Gender Non–Conforming Clients

I put together these resources because there is an enormous need for providers to get learn more about working with Transgender and Gender Non–Conforming Client (TGNC) and not enough easy access to that information. These resources are a compilation of videos and articles by experts in the field to begin to give therapists information on working with TGNC clients. I strongly recommend you take educational courses and seek consultation and supervision with an experienced gender specialist to further your education in this area.

Due to the extent of the information, I split the resources into two parts so you can review either or both depending on your needs.

I have been working with Transgender and Gender Non–Conforming clients since 2001 when I started working at New Leaf an LGBT Clinic in SF where I worked in the women’s substance abuse program. I currently work only in my private practice where 30% or more of my clients identify as TGNC. I am currently pursuing my WPATH Certification in Transgender Health and have taken all the required course and am now working on the electives.

I am available for clinical consultation on working with TNGC clients.