Zoom now offers Business Associate Agreements

Zoom now has individual telehealth options

Goodness this is now old news. I started this post and then forgot about it. Welcome to new times!

Anyway for those who are still looking for a good Telehealth Program Zoom now has a Healthcare plan for $14.99 here. 

You do have to reach out to the Sales people to get the Business Associate Agreement and when I did it a few months ago it took some time to get it.

That being said if you are not using an electronic health record for your tele-health then Zoom is going to be your best bet. Everyone knows Zoom now that would be willing to do online therapy.

Anyway if you have not moved off of a less secure platform like Skype or Facetime now is the time to do so. While there is a waiver in effect that allows us to use non-compliant platforms it is always best practice to use a HIPAA compliant platform.